Feedity is now New Sloth. A rebranded, new and improved platform!

A crew with a mighty ambition

New Sloth is built for you, by curious folks like you who crave knowledge.

We're a small team of chilled-out entrepreneurs, developers, engineers, designers, writers, travelers, musicians, readers, runners, motorcyclists, foodies, photographers, parents, dog-lovers, and hard workers.

Media intelligence, web data extraction and news aggregation software from independent company
We are the New Sloths

Our journey started years ago with an experimental data mining project in university.

Fast-forward to today, and we're a growing technology company. Our flagship product is a cloud-based Media Monitoring and Market Intelligence platform available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Our headquarters is in cozy Melbourne, Australia. Our amazing customers are from all around the world. Like them, we value the power of concise knowledge in these busy times.

Our team is nimble and competent. We have a remote-friendly culture. As a distributed team, everyone at New Sloth is free to live and work wherever they want, leading us to sustainable productivity and happiness. We're a diverse pack with unique perspectives, yet a common vision, that helps us make simple but opinionated software.

Until 2019, our feed builder software was called Feedity. We changed our brand name to New Sloth to better reflect our core values of knowledge and empowerment, and focus on active curation that's simple and calm.

We try to bring simplicity, respect and mindfulness in things we do, within our company as well as with our customers and partners.

And yes, we eat our own sloth-food, as we use New Sloth every day to stay in the loop, and have a clear vision of our industry and the world we live and work in.

Say hello if you like what we do or if you’d like to know more. Check out our blog for updates.

Tons of benefits for our beloved team

We're looking for web developers and content writers.

Remote Work

Competitive Salary

Stimulating Roles

Team Retreats

Diversity and Respect

Fulfilling Work

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