How it works

New Sloth delivers timely industry news and market information you need to succeed. It provides powerful content aggregation with context-association, for you to quickly grasp what's happening in your industry today.
Start with great sources


Collate all your favorite, important news sources and websites, to receive regular updates from them.

  • Import an OPML file to add your existing subscriptions
  • Subscribe to news keywords relevant to any industry, sector, region or interest
  • Add RSS and Atom feeds for websites, or monitor mentions on the whole web via Google Alerts RSS
  • Follow any public website of your interest
  • Create custom feeds for webpages without feeds
  • Organize your sources into categories
Deep dive in minutes


Explore and read concise news articles and feed updates without distractions. All content is enriched for easier understanding in one glance.

  • A simple newsroom to grasp the gist or deep dive
  • Narrow or expand the dimension by date range
  • Tagged articles with entity metadata to provide clear context
  • Articles grouped by similarity to reduce information overload
  • Search your sources or articles with ease
  • Integrate feeds with 3rd-party services or your own
Progress up and above


Keep your finger on the pulse of your industry, and the topics and trends that impact its direction.

  • Understand and learn from current affairs and topics that matter
  • Stay ahead of the crowd
  • Avoid information overload
  • Share knowledge with team and customers

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