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Ingest Facts like a Superhuman

Leverage the power of aggregation, and discover emerging facts and trends to stay ahead of the crowd. Identify actionable insights to gain from fresh opportunities.
Media Monitoring

Stay informed of essential news, breaking events, and any other public web content organized in one place.

Market Intelligence

Easily gather and analyze concise information on an industry or competitor, that will affect your decisions, opportunities, strategy and growth.

Web Data Integration

Turn websites into instant notifications. Make a feed for any public source to track its updates. Convert any webpage to a feed with our feed builder or powerful API.

Research & Analysis

Follow news, blogs and other sources of your interest in one place for uncluttered reading, curation and reporting.

Turn unstructured content into structured knowledge.
Learn from concise and timely facts relevant to your industry.
Press Releases
Discussion Forums
Products and Prices
Ads and Tenders
Social Media
Research Insights
Competitive Intelligence
Data Integration
Lead Generation
Financial Analysis
Content Curation

Platform for Knowledge Workers

Our Software-as-a-Service provides simple yet powerful tools to help you track news, current affairs and deep information; discover industry trends and market moves, and understand them for confident decision-making.


A modern feed reader with all essential sources organized in one place, reducing information overload through smart topical grouping (articles clustering), making it easy to gain insights quickly. It's a smart engine to monitor RSS feeds, global news, web-wide mentions etc.

Feed Builder

Generate structured feeds for informative public webpages by extracting content using a simple visual interface or advanced text matching patterns. Easily accomplish content monitoring or data integration.

Developer API

Manage sources programmatically, and track changes using magical content auto-detection powered by Machine Learning.

Just the Right Features

A limitless platform to ingest, monitor and analyze news and informational websites.
Follow News and Events

Search topical news and articles from global publications based on specific keywords and regions, to receive regular updates in your newsroom.

Follow Feeds and Mentions

Follow all your favorite, important sources in one place. Track websites via RSS or Atom feeds, and web mentions via Google Alerts RSS. Even import an OPML file of your existing sources.

Follow Webpages

Create custom feeds for websites to monitor relevant new information. Use our feed builder to make a feed for any public webpage to follow its updates.

Simple Uncluttered Reader

Read posts and updates from all your favorite sources in one place. Quickly spot trends, grasp the gist or deep dive. Sift faster through smart topical grouping of articles.

Entity Recognition (beta)

Articles are automatically analyzed and tagged with mentioned person, organization and location to form better context.

Clustering & Deduplication (beta)

For quick and sharp analysis, articles in the newsroom are grouped by similarity to each other, using Machine Learning algorithms.

Articles Search

Filter through your sources' articles and posts by keywords for precise results.

Merge Sources

Merge multiple sources together to create a separate feed, ideal for newsletters, data integration, publishing, distribution or social media cross-posting.

Tons of Integrations

Generated RSS feeds can be integrated with thousands of 3rd-party apps and services like Zapier, IFFFT, Mailchimp, Slack, Salesforce, No-Code tools, Microsoft Excel etc.

Scalable Crawler

Our fast and reliable cloud crawler supports multiple content formats, headless browser rendering, smart retries, rotating proxies & user agents, and more.

Flexible Usage

Collect Web content, information, data, signals, stories, updates, posts or anything else from literally anywhere on the Web.

Always Active

Knowledge on the go! Access your feeds and gauge insights anytime, anywhere, be it on mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop or smart TV.

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Kind words from some of our amazing customers.
"We are a long time user of your product and have created hundreds of feeds to populate our apps. We love your platform."
Joshua Woodham
Co-founder, Snapp Mobile
"The setup was smooth and I am most impressed by the extraction features which are crucial for social media monitoring."
Jakub Drahokoupil
Analyst/Consultant, eMerite
"Excellent product once we worked out its usage. I found it simple but very effective, and very helpful support."
Richard Palmer
Director, MediAid
"I'm looking forward to another productive year thanks to your app's functionality."
Mark Boosey
Founder, British Comedy Guide
“Just upgraded my account both for the features and show support for an awesome product.”
Jon Dingman
Product Management Leader
“Every. Single. Day. I couldn't live without it. Your product is invaluable.”
Jonathan Rick
Communication Consultant
"Teams like your's make the world go round."
Chris Devault
Managing Director, MortgageCast
"Many thanks for the service which has proved very useful for media monitoring."
Peter Guillaume
Researcher and Analyst, Welund
“I'm using it for link roundups because I am that big a nerd!”
Kevin Smokler
Writer, Filmmaker, Host

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