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Our new identity and revamped platform for media monitoring and intelligence. Utilize for web crawling and scraping, feed reader, news aggregation to convert webpage to RSS feed.

Introducing New Sloth: Active Knowledge to Power Decisions

The internet got busy all of a sudden. It didn't happen overnight, but one day, we all woke up and it was just really busy.

Billions of lines of code populating servers and publishing content across the globe every day. And it's getting harder and harder to sort through all that content to separate the quality from the quantity.

Without a simpler overview of what's going around in our industry of work, we miss out on making timely and informed decisions in a fast-paced digital world.

So, when the best knowledge is out there but harder to find than ever, how do you and your team keep up to date with what's happening today?

And when the knowledge you need is from different sources, in different formats and updated at different times, how do you collate, curate and analyze data on the topics that are most important to you?

That's why we built New Sloth, a Web software that cuts through the noise by monitoring and collating content from any public source from around the world. New Sloth helps professionals keep a finger on the pulse of their industry, and the topics that impact its direction.

Our platform can fetch, index and interconnect information from structured sources (like RSS feeds), unstructured sources (like webpages) and global news publications, and convert it all into your very own newsroom for deep research and analysis. New Sloth is the only product that empowers professionals to aggregate and monitor content from anywhere on the internet regardless of its type or form.

For over a decade, our feed builder (previously named Feedity) had been a popular and reliable tool for making content subscription easier for knowledge workers and data integrators, as well as helping creators and publishers with distribution.

Progressing ahead, we've got a new identity and a revamped platform with some fantastic new features and improvements.

We're evolving to land even more value beyond just creating personalized feeds. Now, you and your team will be able to ingest multi-source content, and analyze it all in one simple, smart and calm workspace, specially in these times when the Web is painfully cluttered, distracting and privacy-unfriendly.

Be on top of the knowledge you need, to power the decisions you make.

Aggregate. Analyze. Advance, with New Sloth.

For more details about our product and its valuable features, please check out our website, and contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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